You shouldn’t judge a church based on one visit, is a true observation

but unfortunately it is not reality.

Every Sunday people walk into our church and determine whether or not they will return the following week before the preacher for that week opens his mouth. And that’s not fair. But it’s true. The moral of the story is: environment matters.

Our objective is to create an appealing environment. We are very committed to ask questions like:

• How can we make the environment for children more attractive?
• What makes for an appealing ministry environment for youth and young adults?
• How can we make our worship service more engaging?
• What could we do to make our weekend gatherings more captivating for men?
• What would make our ladies’ ministry more inviting?

The message we want to send through our ministry environment from the moment people approach the church building until the moment they leave is:

• We are not surprised by you being here.
• What we are doing here is very important, and we are happy that you are here.
• We value and own what we have and do.
• We take a huge pride in our church.