The Great Commission from Jesus was actually not to plant churches, nor build healthy churches, but rather to go into the world and make converts and disciples (Mt 28v18-20). As the early apostles did this, the inevitable result was the establishment of local churches butthe mission shaped local church life, not the other way around.

Tragically, as the centuries have rolled by, the order has been reversed and the priority has become ‘doing church’ rather than ‘doing mission’. The result is churches that are pastoral-driven (prioritising caring for each other and creating a beautiful church culture) rather than mission-driven (prioritising reaching the unchurched).

We are committed to allowing missiology to shape our ecclesiology, and not the other way around! This affects the whole tone of church life – the language we use, the things that we emphasise, the way that we ‘advertise’ sermon series, and our willingness to expand and plant more churches.

Two words that prophetically follow us are ARMY and FAMILY. We are a church that is an army on a mission to bring God’s glory to every corner of the world and while we are on the mission we develop the characteristic of being God’s beautiful family, loving God and loving one another. We sort out all our problems on the move, and we do all our shaping and growing while we are on the move.

What makes a local church missional? How does that look on a practical daily basis?

  • Its members love and talk positively about the city/neighbourhood
  • Its members speak in a language that is relevant to normal people
  • Its members apply the Bible to the core concerns and stories of the people of the culture
  • Its members are interested in and engaged with the literature, art and thought of the surrounding culture
  • Its members exhibit deep concern for the poor, generosity with their money, purity and respect with regard to the opposite sex, and humility toward people of other races and cultures
  • Its members understand that their work or study is Kingdom work bringing glory to God through being a good witness. It is just as important as any other Kingdom work.
  • Its members do not lambaste other Christians and churches We believe that when a church is exhibiting these things seekers and non-believing people will be invited and will come and stay as they explore spiritual issues.