We love seeing new faces in our meetings. It is a great privilege to serve them and have an opportunity to communicate and show them God’s love. However, touching the hearts of non-believers will not happen if we leave it to chance. We don’t evaluate a meeting purely on the basis of how well the gifts of the Spirit have flowed rather than by whether the gospel has been communicated. We hope that the unchurched people in our midst can say things like:

“That was really helpful”
“That has answered some of my questions”
“God spoke to me”
“I felt something like never before; I think I will come again”

We seek  to address the needs of non-believers. You know this value has taken root in the local church when:

  • Your members are regularly bringing guests and when guests are regularly coming to Christ.
  • Any believer in your church can say, ‘It doesn’t matter who’s preaching or what they are preaching about, I know there will be something relevant for my non-Christian friend.’

We therefore try to keep our services free from Christian jargon and we aim to conduct our meetings as if the whole neighbourhood is present. In this way we expect more and more of our neighbours to come and visit us..