We believe  that the command from Mark 16 to ‘go into all the world and preach the gospel’ is clear. The good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, is supposed to:

  • Reach those who are not yet followers of Christ.
  • Break through spiritual obstacles and release new worshippers, freed by the cross and resurrection of Jesus, brought to life in him and made members of a new and joyful community.

The Church is God’s number one plan to be a vehicle for this.

We believe that one of the biggest priorities in the local church should be reaching out to people with God’s message of salvation, showing God’s glory through our individual lives and corporate living. We believe this mission should know no borders or cultural obstacles. It starts with our neighbours and other communities around us and then procedes to other cities and other nations.

To keep evangelism high on our agenda we aim to give ourselves to the following:

  • Regular training and exaltation to equip and stir members to friendship evangelism.
  • Guarding against becoming so busy with church meetings that we do not have time to spend with our unsaved friends.
  • Ensuring that what we do as a church is inclusive of everyone.
  • Creating an attractive environment for everyone, regardless of background
  • Running a variety of events to give outsiders a positive first experience ofour church.
  • Running events and courses that give people a chance to hear and respond to the gospel.
  • Creating mission orientated ministries.
  • Preaching with non-believers on our minds.