The Word: 

The centrality of the Bible is undisputed. The early church ‘devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching’ (Acts 2v42). Paul instructed his churches saying, ‘Devote yourself to the public reading of scripture, to preaching and teaching’ (1 Tim 4v13).

So fundamental was the spread of the Word in the New Testament church, that Luke described the growth of the church in these terms: ‘The word of God kept on spreading’ (Acts 6v6). So, along with worship, the preaching of God’s Word is the primary ingredient in our Sunday meetings, and we set aside at least 40 minutes for preaching from the Bible.

The Spirit: 

The early church was born through a powerful experience of the Spirit (Acts 2), and was a community that pulsated with the life of the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts records repeated instances of people being filled with, and operating in the power of the Holy Spirit, and Paul even defines the church as people being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit (Eph 2v22). To this end, we try to allow the Holy Spirit to lead our meetings, we eagerly desire the spiritual gifts, and we have regular opportunities for being filled with the Holy Spirit.
Just Word and you dry up. Just Spirit and you blow up. Word and Spirit you grow up.