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We are Good News Church based in Niš, Serbia


…as the non-negotiable imperatives related to the church:

Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. To help unbelievers get God first in their lives, and help believers keep God increasingly first in every area of their lives.


…as the actions we do to see our goals fulfilled:

  • Build a relevant church that is the key factor of change in the community through reaching out, understanding culture, equipping believers for life and work in the world, and serving needs in the community.
  • Raising new leaders for service in God’s Kingdom and the secular world.
  • Plant churches through equipping and sending church planters, and supporting missions


…as our local church contribution to the overarching mission of the church:

Create churches unchurched people love to attend. To create churches that are irresistible, where people are introduced, encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, community with insiders, and influence outsiders.


We are a reformed, charismatic and missional church with the following core beliefs. Core beliefs refer to non-negotiable absolutes of scripture. There is of course room for respected interpretations of scripture such as ‘exactly when and how Christ will return’ and ‘exactly when and how you get filled with the Holy Spirit’.


Our services are held every Sunday 

at 11AM

in our church building in


We aren’t just a club or society – we are a community that is based around Jesus. A key part of what we do is our Sunday orning meetings.

Our meeting begins and ends with sung worship; during this time the band will lead us. If you are unfamiliar with worship, feel free to join in or sit and enjoy. Every week someone from our teaching team or a visiting speaker will preach from the Bible.

After the meeting please don’t rush off – we’d love to chat to you and give you any information you might be after. You might like someone to pray with you at the end of the meeting or to find out more about our church or Christianity.

About Niš

Niš (/ˈnʃ/) is the third largest city in Serbia and the administrative center of the Nišava District. It is located in southern part of Serbia. According to the 2011 census, the city proper has a population of 183,164, while its administrative area (City of Niš) has a population of 260,237 inhabitants.

Several Roman emperors were born in Niš or used it as a residence: Constantine the Great, the first Christian emperor and the founder of ConstantinopleConstantius IIIConstansVetranioJulianValentinian IValens; and Justin I. Emperor Claudius Gothicus decisively defeated the Goths at the Battle of Naissus (present-day Niš). Later playing a prominent role in the history of the Byzantine Empire, the city’s past would earn it the nickname Imperial City.

After about 400 years of Ottoman rule, the city was liberated in 1878 and became part of the Principality of Serbia, though not without great bloodshed—remnants of which can be found throughout the city. Today, Niš is one of the most important economic centers in Serbia, especially in the electronics, mechanical engineering, textile, and tobacco industries. Constantine the Great Airport is Niš’s international airport. The city is also the seat of the University of Niš, the Eparchy of Niš and the Command of Serbian Army.

In 2013, the city was host to the celebration of 1700 years of Constantine’s Edict of Milan.[9]

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Come and join us!

We are offering a great opportunity to assist the leadership team of Good News Church, Nis, Serbia with developing youth and children’s ministries

What we offer

  • A unique taste of mission abroad being discipled and guided by experienced British and local Christians
  • Opportunities to grow as a Christian through small group bible study and prayer
  • The opportunity to develop useful transferable skills
  • The opportunity to learn a new language and immerse yourself in a different culture within a supportive team

Connect with us

We love to answer questions about our faith, and we always welcome visitors.
Call us or email us or better yet, join us for Sunday services!


Episkopska 82A
Niš, Serbia




11 AM to 1 PM