The first believers witnessed the crowds of harassed and helpless people pressing in on Jesus, seeking help, hope and healing, and observed the astonishing compassion that Jesus constantly demonstrated towards these poor people!

 Well-versed in the Old Testament Scriptures, they understood that God is not indifferent towards the poor and afflicted, the victims of injustice and those powerless to help themselves. But now they were witnessing what this really meant; they were seeing perfect love in action as the healings and miracles multiplied.

The poor clearly had a special place in Jesus’ affections. They really were precious to him and he set a magnificent example of how they should be valued and cared for. Attitudes and actions towards the poor expose the true state of people’s hearts before God and reveal the sincerity and reality of faith in King Jesus.

Care for the poor is in our DNA, it is a foundational feature of our church life. The aim of our teaching/preaching is to establish believers firmly in the grace of God, which impacts the overall life of the church in terms of its practices and priorities. We preach and model God’s heart for the poor so that compassion, faith and generosity characterise the life of the church. A rich stream of God’s grace can run through the heart of the church if believers engage in activities, both spontaneous and organised, to bless the poor.

Our dream is to become a significant factor  in the material and spiritual restoration of our country, both at local and national levels.

In order to do this we believe that Christian churches should work for justice and peace in their neighbourhoods and not just concentrate on evangelism.